Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Welcome to Rational Recipes!

First of all, welcome to Rational Recipes! My primary aim for this blog, is to share my recipe and cooking knowledge with everyone. I've been told time and again by dozens of people that i need to start writing this stuff down and getting it out to the masses so, here goes.

A little about me first of all - i'm 28 years old and i've been cooking since i was about 6 years old, constantly involved with whatever my mum was doing in the kitchen, trying to help out as much as i can. Later on, i discovered that i was a fairly capable cook, mainly thanks to the encouragement and support i recieved from my friends. I'm usually a little dismissive of my skills, constantly doubting that i'm much good, but if other people like what i have to cook, then bugger it, i might as well give it a shot!

The joy of cooking for me comes from the sense of accomplishment, that you've set out to make something, added your own little twist, and it's turned out well enough to be able to serve it to others.

One caveat though - i don't do 'fancy' food. By that i mean, don't be expecting michelin starred nouvelle cuisine with exotic ingredients. Occasionally i'll make something 'special' but nothing that's outside the realm of possibility for a reasonably competent cook with a standard set of utensils. 

I'm genuinely dismayed to see that the cooking ability of the general public has decreased so dramatically, a by-product of so many convenience foods and a lack of proper education both at home and in the classroom - the removal of Home Economics from the British curriculum certainly doesn't help!

Cooking isn't difficult, and really only requires that you pay attention. Handling knives, peelers, spoons isn't rocket surgery!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and roll on the recipes - chaaaaarge! :D

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