Thursday, 17 March 2011

Edwardian Classic - Kedgeree (the lazy way!)

Kedgeree is a fish & rice dish that's only been with us for just over a century now, an invented dish, mostly created by the British during their time in India. However, it seems to have fallen out of favour following the Edwardian period, and have never seen it offered in any Restaurant. This is a dish suitable for all year round, it's stuffed full of protein & carbs, and as a result, is particularly filling - one bowl can easily feed a family of three.

Now, Kedgeree is somewhat subjective. Some recipes call for certain spices to be used - i prefer to use none, because i don't like to mask the taste of the fish, but as with all the recipes i've posted so far, be creative, experiment, see what you fancy!

You will need the following ingredients:

2 sachets of Boil in the Bag Rice (it's easier to use, and less hassle, but use 2 cups of regular rice if you prefer)
2 fillets of skinless & boneless white fish like Cod/Coley etc (i use from frozen)
1 pack of Smoked Salmon (at least 5 decent slices around 6 inches square)
1 half cup of milk
4 eggs
Single Cream
Salted Butter

Utensils needed:

Microwave (at least 650watt)
Large Serving Bowl - ideally 10 to 12" across
Small Saucepan
Medium Saucepan
Sharp Knife

First - take the white fish fillets, and put then in the bowl with the milk.

Microwave on full power for 5 minutes (This poaches the fish quicker than you can do it in a pan, and leaves less mess in its wake). At the same time, put your eggs in a saucepan of boiling water, and hard boil them (6 minutes is usually enough), and put the rice on to boil at the same time (keep an eye on it though, you don't want the pan to boil dry - at LEAST a litre of water in the pan is needed!). Once the white fish has been poached, take the bowl out of the microwave, and add the slices of smoked salmon on top in a layer.

Microwave for a further two minutes. Afterwards, take the fish out, and mash with the back of a fork - you want it fairly broken up.

Remove the shell on the hard boiled eggs by cracking the shells on a hard surface, and roll them back and forth - the shell should be pretty easily peeled away. Cut in half with a sharp knife, add to the bowl with the fish, and again, break up the eggs with the back of the fork, until it's been fairly well chopped up.

Add roughly an ounce of salted butter to the bowl, and a tablespoon of cream with the parsley.

Mix through, and microwave for one minute or until the butter has melted. At this stage - add the rice, and mix through thoroughly - you don't want any patches of plain rice.

On top of the mix - add TWO tablespoons of cream (spread over, rather than just in a concentrated spot), and add small slivers or curls of butter. Re-microwave until the butter melts. Take out, mix through one final time, and it's ready to serve!

Sometimes, for a bit of an added indulgence, i like to add some mild cheddar - finely grated over the top, so it melts really quickly. Yes, it's a little bit of an odd mix, fish, rice and egg, but try it - you might like it as much as the Edwardians did!

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